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Founded by Jason Awbrey in 2007, PostDotNet specializes in Custom Software Development and Consulting.

Who I am

I am a Software Developer with over 15 years of professional development experience. I specialize in development using the .NET Framework, with a focus on Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin. I am a Xamarin MVP, a Microsoft .NET MVP, a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer and a Xamarin Consulting Partner. I also have experience developing with PHP, Ruby on Rails, and WordPress, and am a Certified Scrum Master.

I am also an active member of the Houston Tech Community, serving as President of North Houston .NET Users' Group and Co-Organizer of the Houston Xamarin Meetup. I am a frequent speaker on Mobile Development with Xamarin, appearing at CodeMash, CodepaLOUsa, Houston TechFest, North Houston DNUG, Houston DNUG, Houston C# SIG, Aggieland DNUG, SQL Saturday Baton Rouge, and DFW Mobile Developers Meetup. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County.

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1/10/2017 - CodeMash

Xamarin is Free! Now What? Workshop


10/15/2016 - Xamarin Dev Days Houston

9/24/2016 - Houston TechFest

Xamarin is Free! Now What?
Business of Software Panel

9/21/2016 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Apple Announcements and Developer Show & Tell

8/14/2016 - Code on the Beach

Xamarin is Free! Now What?

6/15/2016 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

WWDC Review and Open Discussion

5/19/2016 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Build & Evolve Wrap-up; Xamarin University Spring Fling

2/17/2016 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

App Showcase

1/20/2016 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

All Things Xamarin 2015


11/18/2015 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin Forms

9/12/2015 - Houston TechFest

Business of Software Panel
Cross Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin Forms

7/15/2015 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Developer Conference Review

4/27/2015 - CodepaLOUsa

Xamarin Forms Workshop

4/15/2015 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Automated UI Testing

3/18/2015 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Widgets and Watchkit

1/8/2015 - CodeMash

Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#


11/18/2014 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Evolve 2014 Recap

11/5/2014 - Houston Full Stack Meetup

Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#

9/12/2014 - Houston TechFest 2014

Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#
Business of Software Panel

6/10/2014 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Xamarin Turns 3!

2/11/2014 - Houston Xamarin Meetup

Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#

2/11/2014 - Houston Modern App Dev

Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#


12/18/2013 - North Houston .NET Usrs Group

Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#

10/11/2013 - Houston TechFest 2013

Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#
Business of Software Panel

9/17/2013 - DFW Mobile .NET

Cross Platform Mobile Development with C#


  • ARMtech


    Xamarin iOS Mobile App

    {"title":"ARMtech","short_message":"Design & Web Development, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/img\/armt.png"],"message":"Mobile iOS client developed for ARMtech Insurance using Xamarin iOS. Backend services written in ASP.NET/C# with SQL Server.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/","link_label":"ARMtech"}
  • Transport

    Transportation Management

    Xamarin Forms iOS/Android App

    {"title":"Transportation Management","short_message":"Design & Web Development, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/img\/transport.png"],"message":"Mobile iOS and Android client developed for a trucking company using Xamarin Forms. Integrates with legacy backend using exposed RESTful services.","tags":[],"project_link":"","link_label":""}
  • Slide

    Clinical Slide Review

    Xamarin iOS App

    {"title":"Clinical Slide Review","short_message":"Design & Web Development, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/img\/slide.png"],"message":"Mobile iOS client developed for a life sciences department. Allows students to identity diagnostic features of slides, and then allows the instructor to review them for accuracy and grading. Xamarin iOS.","tags":[],"project_link":"","link_label":""}
  • My 3D Project

    Houston TechFest

    Xamarin iOS Mobile App

    {"title":"Houston TechFest","short_message":"Design & Web Development, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/"],"message":"Mobile App provides conference agenda, schedule, maps and speaker bios for attendees Texas's largest annual tech conference. Built with Xamarin iOS.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/\/us\/app\/houston-techfest\/id552984732\/","link_label":"Houston TechFest"}
  • Asset Management App

    Asset Management App

    Xamarin iOS App

    {"title":"Asset Management App","short_message":"Design & Web Develpment, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/pdn\/img\/asset.png"],"message":"Proof of Concept of Asses Management app. Uses barcode scanning to allow usre to track items as they are received and mark the corresponding purchase order. Xamarin iOS.","tags":[],"project_link":"","link_label":""}
  • Confab


    Xamarin iOS App

    {"title":"Confab","short_message":"Design & Web Develpment, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/pdn\/img\/confab.png"],"message":"App for display of conference agendas, schedules, maps, and speaker bios. Xamarin iOS with an Amazon AWS backend.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/","link_label":"Confab"}
  • Yelp Proof of Concept

    Yelp Proof of Concept

    Xamarin iOS App

    {"title":"Yelp Proof of Concept","short_message":"Design & Web Develpment, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/pdn\/img\/yelp.png"],"message":"Xamarin iOS App written for a client to demonstrate feasibility of Yelp integration with their existing mobile app.","tags":[],"project_link":"","link_label":""}


  • Another cool project

    Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County

    Wordpress design, implementation and hosting

    {"title":"Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County","short_message":"Design & Web Develpment, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/pdn\/img\/habitat.png"],"message":"WordPress site with custom theme. Site administration and hosting provided by PostDotNet.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/","link_label":"Habitat NWHC"}
  • My favorite project


    PHP & MySQL

    {"title":"Lesco","short_message":"Design & Web Develpment, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/pdn\/img\/lesco.png"],"message":"In partnership with, this is a custom site for a specialty lighting distributor. Custom site built in PHP and MySQL.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/","link_label":"Lesco"}
  • KungFu Panda



    {"title":"togil","short_message":"Design & Web Develpment, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/pdn\/img\/togil.png"],"message":"Custom PHP and MySQL site.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/","link_label":"togil"}
  • Another cool project

    Gen IV Captial

    PHP & MySQL Site

    {"title":"Gen IV Capital","short_message":"Design & Web Develpment, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/pdn\/img\/g4.png"],"message":"Document management site used by investment managers to share documents with clients. PHP and MySQL.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/","link_label":"Gen IV Capital"}
  • Another cool project


    Ruby on Rails Site

    {"title":"Monoligual","short_message":"Design & Web Develpment, SEO, Technical Support","date":"","img":["http:\/\/\/pdn\/img\/monolingual.png"],"message":"Aggregate site collecting resources for Xamarin developers. Ruby on Rails.","tags":[],"project_link":"http:\/\/","link_label":"Monolingual"}

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